Notice Grace

The "Movements" CD was released in February 2014 and most recently the single "Abandonment" and "City on a String" in 2015.

The Notice Grace sound is a mix of rock and extended progressive rock arrangements. The songs encompass dynamic mood shifts, vocal melodies and harmonies.

"The intent is to push our individual musical abilities and at the same time create interesting transitions and melodies. In the end creating an adventure for ourselves and hopefully the listener."

Members of Notice Grace have a long history performing in the Atlanta and Athens Ga. music scene. Members have performed at many classic venues such as The Roxy, Star Bar, Smiths Old Bar, Agora, International Ballroom, Forty Watt Club, 688, Props Warehouse and many more...

Zachery Kinsaul - Guitar, Vocals

Began playing guitar and singing at age 16 growing up in south Georgia. Moved to Athens Ga. in the early 1980's. Performed in multiple bands while in Athens, most notable with album or CD releases were "Stream Dreams" and "Harvest". After a stint in North Carolina returned to the Atlanta / Athens Ga. area in 2005. Since returning to Ga. focus is writing, performing, recording and engineering...



Dennis Svela - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Since relocating to Atlanta in the early 70's, Dennis has been active in the local music scene playing in several band and projects.




Gib Heuett - Guitar, Vocals

Grew up in the Atlanta area playing with a variety of cover and original bands in the surrounding music scene including Bordeaux Fatz, The Marbles, The Rooms, The Motive, Gilrays and The So Called Arthur Kings. Influences include The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Mountain, The Who, Yes, Johnny & Edgar Winter, The Stones plus many others. Throughout the years there have been so many great bands to draw from in the punk, new wave, prog world and every decade brings even more new great bands. All of this rolls together in a philosophy that creating music should be melodic but hit like a howitzer. I’m a tad old school on the guitar tone – Les Paul/Marshall with a few pedals thrown in. What more do you need...


Mark Pruitt - Keyboards

Began playing piano at the age of 8 growing up in Stone Mountain Georgia. Played in many bands around the Atlanta and Athens area throughout the years, most notable was the Boto Teen. I am very excited to get back into playing music with Notice Grace.




Howard Williams - Drums

Originally from Columbus Ohio, I started playing music at the age of 7. Learned music by playing the accordion. Saxophone was next, which I still play classical and jazz at times. Drums and Rock n Roll came when I saw KISS. I attended the Ohio State University and was a proud member of the Ohio State Marching Band. Moved to Atlanta in 1988 and played with various bands and recording artists, most notably the Atlanta band Shock Opera. The influences of Rush, Dream Theatre and Porcupinetree cemented by roots in progressive rock. I am very honored to be a member of Notice Grace and join these very talented musicians.