The Notice Grace sound is a mix of rock and extended progressive rock arrangements.
The songs encompass dynamic mood shifts, vocal melodies and harmonies.

"The intent is to push our individual musical abilities and at the same time create interesting transitions and melodies. In the end creating an adventure for ourselves and hopefully the listener."

Members of Notice Grace have a long history performing in the Atlanta and Athens Ga. music scene. Members have performed at many classic venues such as The Roxy, Star Bar, Smiths Old Bar, Agora, International Ballroom, Forty Watt Club, 688, Props Warehouse and many more...

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"Quality musicianship. Great rock and roll. What more can you ask for? Probably the only prog album you can bring to a party and not be booted out" - Reviewed by Joseph Shingler -

"Movements basically is a very strong album. One foot settled in classic rock, the other foot firmly imbedded in the southern soil. Elements of progressive rock just give the compositions that special touch and the vocals are perfectly fitting in with the compositions. Recommended for long drives to concerts, and I guess radio stations should pick up this radio friendly and accessible music as well." - Reviewed by Pedro Bekkers (edited by Esther Ladiges) -

"Very listenable. I don't often find amateur "progressive" bands up to the challenge of complex arrangements. There seems to always be some sort of flawed component - substandard compositions or arrangements, poorly developed and played individual parts, and a general sense that the whole effort doesn't work well with all of it's components. That's not what I heard here. This piece demonstrates a higher level of ability that most bands lack. You should be proud of your work!" - Allan Hamilton...

Notice Grace discography:

"Movements" full CD - released February 2014 (8 original tracks)
"Abandonment" - single released in June 2015
"City on a string" - single released in December 2015
"CD #2 untitled" - In progress, coming in late 2016

All music available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and many other online music stores.
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Phone: (919) 271-8148 

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